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What we do

Sale and rent of wood ovens in the "moruno style"

Our ovens are made of 100% refractory material,
following a strict construction process which has proven an excellent performance at temperatures over 700ºC.

The ovens are guaranteed never to release smoke
through the oven entrance and can be installed in closed spaces.

They also loose very few calories.

Whichever food is baked in these ovens acquires immediate aromas, colours and flavours. This cannot be archived in conventional ovens.

We manufacture our ovens with several layers of refractory materials and anchors, which guarantees a real wood saving and the oven will last many years.

We build our ovens to order
, from 80cm up to any required size. They can be built on site.

We have several models:

80 cm oven


100 cm oven


120 cm oven


Barbecue ovens and exterior ovens


CONSTRUCCIONS J.M. NARANJO - C/ Llevant, 47 - 17412 Maçanet de la Selva - Girona - Tel.: 625 58 46 69 - info@construccionsnaranjo.com - legal note
Construcció, venda i lloguer de forns de llenya.
Construcción, venta y alquiler de hornos de leña.
Construction, sale and rent of wood ovens.
Construison,vente et location de fours au bois.